To the Lip and Beyond: A Case Report of a Midline Tessier 30 Cleft

Keywords: mandible, cleft lip, tongue diseases;, jaw abnormalities;, reconstructive surgical procedures, Tessier cleft, craniofacial cleft, median mandibular cleft


Objective: To present the case of a midline Tessier 30 cleft in a baby boy who initially underwent a glossoplasty, cheiloplasty and mentoplasty.

Design: Case Report
Setting: Tertiary Government Training Hospital
Patient: One

Result: A 4-month-old boy with a complete midline cleft of the lower lip, alveolus and mandible, and bifid distal tongue that was fused with the floor of the mouth, underwent glossoplasty, cheiloplasty and mentoplasty with subsequent excellent aesthetic outcome and normal oral competency.

Conclusion: Tessier 30 is a rare congenital midline mandibular cleft. Prompt glossoplasty, cheiloplasty and mentoplasty can correct the gross deformity, restore oral competency, and address functional needs such as feeding, swallowing and early speech development. Future bony repair will hopefully complete the reconstruction.


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