The editorial team of the Philipp J Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg recognizes authors' rights to appeal editorial decisions at any stage. Authors who wish to submit appeals of manuscripts that have been rejected should first consult the list of reasons for rejection to make sure that they have a good case for making an appeal. If you wish to appeal the rejection of your paper, please write a detailed letter explaining why we should reconsider, with a point-by-point rebuttal of any reviewer's criticisms provided, and send it to This appeal request will be considered by the editor who originally handled your paper, and may be discussed at an editorial meeting, to decide upon one of two potential courses of action:

  1. Your appeal is upheld, and we will resume processing your manuscript, including external review or further review (when necessary) and requiring your revisions. Please note that a final decision will not have been made at this point regarding possible publication, but your paper is back in the workflow for consideration.
  2. Your appeal is rejected, and we will write you a letter explaining the reasons for this decision.

We will only consider one appeal per paper, and you can increase your chances having your appeal upheld by supplying as much detail as possible in your request. We aim to let you know whether your appeal will be upheld or not, within eight weeks of receipt of your letter.

Top 10 reasons for rejecting a manuscript

  1. Content of the paper not suitable for the journal.
  2. Lack of novelty and or timeliness.
  3. Lack of either or both ethical committee approval and informed consent.
  4. Design of the study not appropriate for the research question.
  5. Lack of an appropriate, replicable methodology.
  6. Insufficient sample size or inappropriate data analysis.
  7. Conclusions not justified by the results.
  8. Submission preparation checklist incomplete.
  9. Instructions to authors not followed.
  10. Evidence of misconduct (e.g., fabrication, falsification, manipulation, plagiarism).