• Frederick Mars B. Untalan, MD, MBAH, FPSO-HNS Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center




It is a great honor for me to congratulate the editorial staff and article contributors of the Philippine Journal of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (PJOHNS) on its 41st year of publication. 


The editorial staff headed by Dr. José Florencio F. Lapeña, Jr.  maintains a journal that is thriving and has earned the respect of the academic community. We thank him for his dedication, commitment, and vision that have made the PJOHNS an outstanding international journal for publication of articles in Otorhinolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery (ORL-HNS).


The PJOHNS has an ever-expanding role in highlighting research, case reports and clinical outcomes associated with ORL-HNS.  In this age of detailed appraisal of the practice of medicine and surgery, an evidence-based approach to ORL-HNS is necessary.  The PJOHNS should be the journal that attracts landmark papers that can influence how Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT) - Head and Neck Surgeons practice.


For the past two years, we were in the midst of uncertainties and complexities, but we have learned to appreciate what we have, make the most of it, and tolerate difficulties. Resilience is inherent to the Filipino and that creates a sense of identity, compassion and concern for others. The pandemic is an ongoing test of our own resilience. It pushes us to change to a better normal. 


At the same time, the publication of scientific information is changing rapidly. The hard copy of the PJOHNS is still desired by many ENT Fellows, but even for them, it is insufficient. Researchers and clinicians demand immediate retrieval of any scientific article on any laptop or even cellphones. Availability of the PJOHNS is dynamic enough that it enhances the researcher’s experience on the PSO-HNS Website, and we are poised to be leaders in delivering scientific information via new platforms.


The strength of the PJOHNS lies with a strong editorial group and with active and interested contributors and readers. I hope to count on your contribution to our journal by submitting to us your best papers and scientific articles and by your acceptance to review papers critically and objectively. 


Let us continue to be creative, innovative and search for our interest in research. 

Always believe in ourselves and find that there’s something within us that is greater than any challenge. Let’s put some deadline on these scientific dreams and make these dreams real. We’d rather do something great and fail than do nothing at all.


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