Ibarra R. Crisostomo, MD (1958-2021) A Tribute to our Colleague


  • Rosalina A. Bautista, MD




It is my privilege to write this tribute to Dr. Ibarra Crisostomo, a friend, colleague, Otolaryngologist, devoted husband, and a loving father. We honor him by expressing our loss but also by remembering how he has somehow touched our lives


I first met Barry, as we all called him by his nickname, when I was a 1st year resident at the Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery of East Avenue Medical Center. He was my senior then, among the six 2nd year residents that year. That first encounter marked the beginning of our longstanding friendship. As a senior and a mentor, he was very supportive and patient in imparting his knowledge and experience to his juniors. Never did he strike fear, but gained our respect with his simple and pleasant ways in dealing with us and our work. During our duties, he would make a difficult and toxic situation seem lighter due to his composure, humor, and caring attitude.


In addition to his devotion to his work, I learned about his love for his family. They were never far from his thoughts. He was always in contact with them even when he was on duty at the hospital. He made certain to bring them a special little something when he went home


He was indeed a selfless person. After his residency, he was committed to teaching and became a staff at the Department of ENT- HNS of the Armed Forces Medical Center. He was the Residency Training Officer for six years from 2002-2006. His humility and dedication to work was exemplary. He will be remembered by his residents and colleagues as an affectionate and beloved teacher who gave his best to his students and as a person of integrity, honesty and sincerity


He also started his private practice as an Otolaryngologist in Marikina. He was also a successful entrepreneur and managed various businesses. Barry was an expert in multi-tasking by combining his medical practice with business. I admire him because he was indeed a good father and a good provider, always thinking about the welfare of his family. He felt proud and fulfilled that he was able to send his children to schools abroad


Barry, a caring and loving family man, a cherished colleague, and an ENT-HNS specialist, a good friend, will be missed by many, but never will he be forgotten by those who were fortunate enough to have known him


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