Mandibular Fracture in a Newborn From Birth Trauma: A Case Report


  • Irvin Phillip G. Ablay, MD Bicol Medical Center
  • Kathleen Kay K. Yambot, MD Bicol Medical Center
  • Neil Aldrine I. Peñaflor, MD Bicol Medical Center



mandibular fracture, newborn, birth trauma


Objective: To report a case of mandibular fracture in a newborn presenting with post-delivery oral cavity bleeding and to discuss its etiology, clinical findings, diagnosis, management and outcome after treatment.


Design: Case Report

Setting: Tertiary Government Training Hospital

Patient: One

Results: A newborn girl was referred for oral cavity bleeding after partial breech extraction. An intraoral hematoma and symphyseal step deformity on examination corresponded to a complete
fracture of the symphysis and downward displacement of the left hemimandible on facial CT scans with 3D reconstruction. An uneventful closed reduction with external fixation using acrylic cap splint with circum-mandibular wiring was performed under general anesthesia and she was discharged feeding well. The cap splint and wires were removed after 4 weeks showing good facial symmetry and bone alignment. There were no complications on follow-up after 1 year.

Conclusion: Mandibular fracture can result from traumatic delivery and present with oral bleeding and hematoma. A thorough physical examination and workup should be done to assess for the sites involved. A multidisciplinary approach should be undertaken to provide the best possible care with the least invasive technique.


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