Reflections on Retirement: The Sunset Can be Spooktacular!




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Where are we headed, oh, where have we gone?

We’ve come a long way, now, let us move on.

Dreams are for dreaming, wake up and they run,

Life is for living, come, let us move on.1

1JF Lapena, Moving on


Retirement (n.);  from French retirement (1570’s); retire + ment.

Retire (v.) 1530s, of armies, “to retreat, draw back,” also, of persons, 

“to withdraw” to some place, especially for the sake of privacy; from

French retirer – from re- “back” + tirer “to draw” and -ment; common

suffix of Latin origin; came to be used as a formative in nouns of

action in Vulgar Latin and Old French. The sense of  “leave one’s

business or occupation” is by 1660s.2


2Online Etymology Dictionary

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